Mazdak Co.

 MAZDAK Corp. was established in 1967. Engineering design, equipping and installation of Public Address (PA) Systems was MAZDAK's main activity in the early years. During time and expansion
of the company, its activities expanded as follows:
Design and fabrication of Public Address(PA) Systems and various kinds of loudspeakers, Amplifiers and Microphones. Applications include refineries, schools, gymnasiums, sports & recreational facilities, places of worship, commercial & retail environments, industrial environments, transportation centers, restaurants, bars and entertainment facilities.
Engineering services for sound systems, Intercom and industrial, explosion-proof systems.
Engineering services for fire alarm systems.
Design and fabrication of various kinds of Standard Racks for sound systems, network and telecommunication with various IP ratings meaning that they are dust and water protected.
MAZDAK is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company. Our fire alarm systems received certification from The Institute of Standards & Industrial Research of Iran(ISIRI).
In recent years to avoid copying MAZDAK's products new product's designs have been registered and official certification has been received.
MAZDAK's products are used in thousands of development projects in IRAN and some of them have been exported.



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